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Welcome to the Informatics Academy!

We offer practice-based training sessions, online learning solutions, and downloadable resources, serving the professional education needs of practitioners at every level of experience.

Featured courses:

IT Lifecycle Fundamentals for Public Health

Based on our popular 8-week course on Designing & Managing Public Health Information Systems, IT Lifecycle Fundamentals for Public Health is a self-paced e-learning course that introduces the eight phases of information system development known as the IT Lifecycle.  For each phase, you'll learn the key activities, who should be involved, common barrier and challenges, and exit criteria.  You also get access to downloadable document templates for each phase.  The course uses public health project scenarios for an engaging experience focused on problem solving.

Critical Success Factors for Informatics Projects

Ready to improve informatics projects at your organization? This course introduces eight elements that are critical to the success of informatics projects - the critical success factors, or CSFs.  You'll learn about each CSF and how to identify whether a given factor is present or absent in your organization.  Plus, you'll gain access to the CSF Self-Assessment Tool where your team can rate your project or organization according to each factor.  Based on your results, the team can identify and prioritize areas for improvement.

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